Badminton Strategies and Tactics for the Novice

badmintonNow that you have graduated from backyard badminton, you can no longer rely on physical ability alone to win games. It is time to develop tactics and strategies�a game plan�to out-think and beat your opponent. By identifying and focusing on his or her weaknesses, you are beginning to use your mental acumen to win. If you play without thinking you will lose without realizing why you lost.


In general

Study your opponents. Discover what shots they are prone to make errors on, which shots are their favorite ones, and which shots they are limited to in specific situations. You are looking for patterns and tendencies. Perhaps by their body language and movement they telegraph what shot they are going to execute. Correctly anticipating what the opponents will do with the shuttle will help your own game enormously. Even feeding the shuttle to an opponent’s favorite put-away shot will work to your advantage because you gain time: you will be ready for it and may return it before he has recovered.

Your opponent has other qualities that dictate how you play. I play quickly and aggressively against a player who has more stamina and patience than I do, likewise I play more conservatively against a player who has less stamina or is more inconsistent. One coach I knew classified players according to how they moved, and hit shots that he thought would upset their timing and rhythm. I, on the other hand, know only enough to hit fast, low shots against slow-footed players and try to fake more against quick players.


Use the length of the court and pin your opponent to the back line before trying a drop shot to the net. It is much easier to retrieve his shots when he is forced to hit from deep in his court. Move your opponent to all four corners to tire him. It is much easier to hit winning shots against a tired player, even a fresh player who is slightly tired from a long rally. Dart in and out of your own corners so that you can cover your court for his next shot.

Singles is a mental and physical battle. A lapse in concentration can easily lead to losing a run of points, which in turn is discouraging and may lead to losing even more points. To win in singles one must be fit, focused, and hit good clears and drops without errors. Smashes should only be used for ending the rally within the next two shots. The classic singles rally would use drops and clears until the shuttle is too far away from the opponent to him to effectively clear a return, and then with a smash win the rally outright.

Mens and womens doubles

Avoid lifting or clearing the shuttle, which is like punting in football. By clearing, you are giving the opponents a chance to win. If you do clear, your team should adopt a side-by-side defensive position. The whole point of the rally, starting with the service, is to hit shots that force the opponents to lift. This is why when you are serving your partner stands behind you because you hope to make the receivers lift with your good short serve. This is also why when you are receiving serve your partner stands behind you because you hope with your aggressive return you will make someone on the serving team lift to your partner.

If your opponents clear to your side, the person who will hit the shuttle must hit downwards (either smashing or dropping) while the partner must be moving to the front as soon as he realizes the shuttle is not his. This is the up and back offense position, the better to control the net. From now on the smasher gets all the deep ones, while the net man cuts off or puts away everything else.

If you have the offense, it is safest if you do not smash cross-court, since their down-the-line return will be directed at your undefended open space. Find out how your opponent directly across the net from you waits for your smash. If he waits on his backhand, smash wide to his forehand or close to his forehand hip or shoulder. If he waits on his forehand, smash to his body or his backhand. If he stands deep, hit drops or cut smashes. If he stands close and waits with his racket up, try a quick clear.

If you are on defense, try to flatten the smash out so that the smasher cannot smash again. You can return cross-court with the aim of tiring the smasher or forcing him to hit a laterally off-balanced shot, but the cross-court must avoid the net man.

Mixed doubles

In the classic mixed formation, the woman stays in front of the man, playing along and just behind the short service line, while the man retrieves shots hit to his half-court or backcourt. In mixed it is even more imperative not to lift, since the woman is so close at the net and vulnerable to smashes. Classic mixed is a slower game with more finesse than in regular doubles, the better to bring both partners into the rally. Again, each team is trying to hit shots that make the other team lift. Avoid shots that your opponents can meet above the tape, unless you manage to get the shot behind the striker.

If you do lift, the woman should not stay at the T and duck, but run away cross-court from where the shuttle is on the other side and take a position about 2-3 feet behind the short service line, squatting down and keeping the racket head up. She is only responsible for smashes and drops directed at her; the man gets everything else, including the down-the-line drop.

Since you are playing in an up-and-back formation, hitting cross-court is risky since you are vulnerable to a down-the-line return. Hit cross-court only if both opponents are on the same side of their court as the shuttle is on your side, or if you know you can hit a winner through the opposing woman.

For more details on playing mixed doubles, see the winter and spring issues of 1996.

The Difficulties Of Facebook In The Workplace

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. People use Facebook to share ideas, have fun with their friends and get the latest news. Some companies also use Facebook as a marketing tool. The increasing popularity of Facebook can be attributed to the ease of use and technological advancement. If you run a business with several employees, you will realize that some of the employees will tend to spend some time on the internet and particularly in Facebook.  The free internet in the offices provides an extra motivation to the workers to use Facebook for as long as they want. Here are some of the reasons why you will realize greater business prospects if you block Facebook.

Increased employee output

Employees who spend a lot of time in Facebook will be less productive. They may forgo a particular duty to chat with their friends in Facebook. This translates to lost working hours. Employees who are addicted to Facebook will find it hard to complete tasks assigned to them. This may greatly hamper the progress of your business. Therefore, blocking Facebook in your company will reduce such behaviors. Employees will concentrate on the business related searches in the internet. This will increase the output of the employee.

Reduced internet cost

A lot of money is lost when the employees use the internet to Facebook. You will be paying the internet service providers double or triple the cost you should be paying. Office related internet searches will consume less Megabits of the internet and this will translate to low-cost of the internet.

Improved work ethics

Most of the things that are shared on Facebook could be harmful to your business. The employees may use Facebook to communicate with their colleagues in other organizations who may demoralize them. Some of their friends may discourage them because you are paying lower than the other companies. Others use the social platform to insult their bosses and tarnish the name of the company. If you block Facebook, you will save yourself from such embarrassment.

However, you need to note that Facebook can as well be useful to the company. First, you can check the social behavior of your employees by adding them as Facebook friends. You can also use Facebook to market your company. This can be assigned to a few employees who will be posting your products on the company page for the potential customers to see.

Taking Care Of Your Diamond Jewelry

While diamonds are the most hardened elements on earth, they are still destructible and a strong blow to them can cause them to chip. This is why it is essential your take care of your diamond paparazzi jewelry. Diamond jewelry should never be worn when you have to undertake any rough work.

jewelryWhen you are not wearing your diamonds, make sure that they are clean and store them carefully. This should be done separately from other jewelries so that they don’t scratch. Should you notice any loose stone settings or damages to your diamonds, it is advisable to take them to a professional jeweler that you have confidence in. The jeweler will carry out an appraisal of the diamond and then make necessary restorative measures.

It is advisable to have the jeweler inspect the settings in your diamond ring or on your solitary pendants annually under your observation. Under no circumstances should you allow your diamond to come into contact with chlorine bleach. When they get dirty through smudging, soiling or any other way, they should be cleaned in a specific manner.

Never use any oily substance to clean the diamonds because a film will form on them and this will decrease their radiance. Diamonds can also get corroded because of chemicals in the air or their frames might begin to fade.

Diamonds can be cleaned gently with detergent that don’t contain chlorine and with a soft brush and rinsed with warm water. You should then tap the diamonds with a lint free cloth that is soft. You can also use cold water and a very temperate dish-washing detergent as long as it does not contain chlorine. The diamond can be soaks for a little while, rinsed in the solvent and then drained using a tissue paper.

You can also use well known liquid jewelry cleaners to clean your diamonds. Most of these type of cleaners have clear instructions which if followed will ensure that your diamonds are safe. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be used to cleanse diamonds.

As long as you take care of your diamonds, they will keep their brilliance. While it is essential that you clean them according to instructions, taking them to a specialist jeweler is also vital.

Going Paperless With Document Management Software

The use of paper within an organization is an unnecessary expense. Storage space. Ink and printer maintenance consume a lot of both money and time. Fortunately, significant cuts can be made to these expenses without the need to make major changes to an organization.

Document management software provides the tools that are required to organize, distribute and edit the essential proposal and contracts that are just sitting inside of filing cabinets. The most effective document management software will assist you in quickly scanning papers, importing existing folders and files into a centralized location and distributing important documents in formats that are standardized for the organization. A document tracking system has a similar appearance to a physical file cabinet; however, with the document management software, full-text and keyword search enables you to locate documents in a matter of seconds, as opposed to minutes or hours. These are only a small number of the features that make document management software an ideal method of organizing your business, cutting the cost of printing and storage and reducing wasted time and resources.

Using document management software provides individuals and organizations with all the features that are needed to effectively manage the important documents used within the organization. In addition, there is a lot of available information that can be used to assist in transforming the organization into a paperless establishment, if this is something that you would ultimately want to achieve. Whether you would like to find a long-term solution for the business you are operating or you would like to have a more organized home office, document management software supplies simple and powerful document control at quite an affordable cost. The management of electronic documents should not be a monotonous and time-consuming task and document management software makes the process as easy and intuitive as possible.

Skin Health

As a woman there are some things that you just cannot leave to chance. Say like your look. Sure thing is that sometimes you look in the mirror and you just cannot help but notice that your skin/ face is kind of rough, so you rush to your makeup kit and find some powder that will cover the built-up skin, however this does not always do the trick.

That is when you remember an article you once read on your beauty magazine (which you rarely read now because you have a new job and the boss is on your case like ever) about home- made facials. But since you do not have the time to make one you just leave your skin to be cared for the antibacterial bathing soap. This is suicidal to your glow. By so doing age will catch up with you like now.

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For the scrub, it removes acne, and leaves your skin smooth, no feeling of skin being raw or pink. How about application, it’s simple, clean away your make up and wash your face. Then use your palm to scrub your face moderately-not too tenderly yet not too rough-for five to ten minutes. Rinse with clean, warm water and you are good to go!

Try this and rough skin will be a thing of the past.