Badminton Psychology

So what do I mean when I say I used psychology to improve my badminton ?

Indeed does psychology (ie what you think) have any place in badminton at all?

I once had an email from a subscriber – I’ve omitted the name to save any embarrassment:

“Listen…all this mental stuff is a waste of your free letters and quite frankly worthless for those with serious attitudes for the game…

So is that person right?

Does psychology have NO place in badminton ?

Or could it just be that the way you think is THE most crucial thing in determining how well you play?

In my experience of course, changing your thinking can have a massive effect on how well you play.

In fact I would go as far as to say that badminton is one of the most psychologically demanding sports in the world.

Everything that you do is ultimately controlled by your mind and what you are thinking, both consciously and unconsciously.

If you get that right, you can do anything.

For example, have you ever had times when something has caused you to play badly , and nothing seems to go right, however hard you try?

And how suddenly this loss of form can happen!

It’s as though something just happens that causes you to play badly, something in your mind that changes.

Well I was intrigued by this, and thought, well, if it can work that way, then there must be ways that you can suddenly reverse it, and play really well .

There MUST be things that you can do that will let you play your best game whenever you want to.

And on these pages you will get a taste of what I discovered – what worked for me, and what didn’t!

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